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Demanded by Enthusiasts And Inspired by its Heritage, Eruption Green Paint Option Set for 2022 Bronco; Hot Pepper Red Too

Aug 20, 2021 | Ford Media Center

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 20, 2021 - Packed with the latest off-road technology, the Ford Bronco's early years are the inspiration for new Bronco color choices for the 2022 model year.

Ford Bronco color and materials designers developed Eruption Green Metallic as a modern interpretation of Mallard Green, which was featured on first-generation Bronco models in the early- to mid-1970s.

"Automotive enthusiasts, and especially Bronco fans, are passionate about colors and will be excited about Eruption Green," said Barb Whalen, Ford color and materials manager. "Paint has a wonderful way of evolving because of technology. Eruption Green is a contemporary color, but there's a connection with Bronco heritage. It's evergreen-inspired, with yellow highlights that really tie it into nature."

The first-generation Bronco (1966-1977) is the featured vehicle at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise. Bronco brand took the opportunity to debut the new Eruption Green color to the audience at the world's largest one-day automotive event, as well as the new-for-2022 Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat.

Both Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red Metallic will be available for every Bronco series in the lineup.

Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue Metallic and Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat will be available exterior color options until the end of the 2021 model year. Orders for 2022 Bronco two- and four-door, including with Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red, will open later this year. Read more

The Ford Bronco Riptide Concept Is Totally Tubular

Ford's four-door SUV build features a sweet set of tube doors and almost makes us forget the SUV's production blues.

By: Monica Gonderman |

Ford's BlueCruise driving aid is easy-peasy hands-free tech

Ford's hands-off Level 2 driver aid is a smooth, straightforward way to reduce tedium on long drives.

Andrew Krok | Aug. 5, 2021 | RoadShow

Like General Motors' similarly named (and similarly capable) Super Cruise, Ford's new BlueCruise technology is meant to reduce the tedium of driving on long stretches of limited-access highway. It is, like other Level 2 driver-assistance systems, a combination of adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and -- if the driver enables it in the settings menu -- speed-limit recognition. It will hold the vehicle in its lane and keep pace with traffic over some 100,000 miles of premapped highway segments across the US. And after a bit of seat time, I'm pretty impressed.

To get a brief taste of BlueCruise, I hopped behind the wheel of a 2021 Ford F-150 at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The F-150 is one of two vehicles that will carry BlueCruise when the system launches, the second being the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. While the feature won't be in cars for a couple more months, eager buyers can option a vehicle today with all the necessary hardware, and BlueCruise will activate in owners' cars via over-the-air software updates. Ford expects some 80% of Mach-E buyers to opt for BlueCruise, and while the expected take rate in F-150 is just 15%, you have to consider the sheer volume of trucks that Ford ships out every year. Fifteen percent of a bajillion is still a pretty big number.

BlueCruise is activated by pressing the usual cruise control button on the steering wheel. The left side of the F-150's gauge display shows a steering wheel with hands clearly wrapped around either side, signaling the system is not yet ready to let me relinquish control. However, when the time comes, the tachometer and hands fade away while "hands-free" displays prominently. GM's Super Cruise uses lights in the steering wheel to denote system status, and while it's better for keeping my eyes closer to the horizon, I could see it being a potential issue for folks dealing with red-green colorblindness. No such problem with BlueCruise.

On the road, BlueCruise is great. It does precisely what it's supposed to -- nothing more, nothing less. Keeping my eyes on the traffic ahead, BlueCruise keeps the car well positioned in its lane, although like Super Cruise, it sometimes favors the right side a little more than I'd like in a vehicle this girthy. Small-scale adjustments are smooth and changing lanes, while not yet part of BlueCruise's portfolio, isn't exactly difficult -- just hit the turn signal and use your hands, then wait for the screen to display "hands-free" once again. It's worth noting that my limited time with BlueCruise only covers well-made, clearly delineated highways, so I'll need some more time in jankier conditions to see how it handles those. But as far as first impressions go, this is a good one.

In the event the car gets to a part of the road that isn't approved for BlueCruise, or if the vehicle needs the driver to retake control for whatever reason, an audible chime accompanies a written request on the gauge display. The camera responsible for monitoring the driver's eyes is tucked away above the infotainment screen, so you don't have to worry about repositioning the steering wheel where it accidentally blocks the cameras, as is the case with the Mercedes-Benz EQS's driver aids. It will function if the driver is wearing either sunglasses or a mask, but it won't operate if both are worn simultaneously, as the camera doesn't have much face left to track at that point.

BlueCruise won't stop with Mustang Mach-E and F-150, either. While Ford hasn't delved into specifics just yet, it said it plans to expand the Level 2 aid to more vehicles in the future. Your road trips will soon be that much easier.

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Why Ford's electric F-150 Lightning is more important than you think

Brian Cooley | July 19, 2021 | roadshow

Even if you're not a truck buyer, this vehicle will help set the table for any electric vehicle you're interested in.

The Tesla Model S was a big bang, but the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is an even bigger bang. Here's how I reached that conclusion, based on the F-150 Lightning's specs, price, and Roadshow's earliest impressions of it on the road. 

First, the Lightning almost can't help but define its segment. It's right at the intersection of America's best-selling vehicle and the future of propulsion. And it approaches that intersection with utter normalcy; you might not even know it's an electric model unless you're a car buff. That will do a lot to normalize electric trucks.

Electric trucks frankly make more sense than electric cars. If the idea behind electrification is to zero out fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions, trucks' higher fuel consumption and greater emissions make them the most important place to start.

Ford has a track record of getting truck buyers to do what truck buyers traditionally don't, including buying aluminum-bodied trucks or ones that have engines with fewer than eight cylinders or as small as 2.7 liters. Getting those buyers to go electric is an even bigger lift, but you can argue that nobody has disrupted the truck market lately as successfully as Ford.

The F-150 Lightning is shockingly affordable. Starting at $40,000 before tax incentives, the same price as the average vehicle in the US. That's remarkable considering it's a truck and has a novel powertrain. Whatever other motivations there are to buy an electric vehicle, nothing will make them a broad success as much as superior overall cost compared to combustion-engined models.

And the F-150 Lightning is something to brag about, which matters to truck owners. Whether it's a sub-4-second 0-to-60-mph time, 775 pound-feet of torque, ability to power a home, or large and innovative front trunk space, F-150 Lightning buyers will be a vocal minority on the pickup truck market.

There are plenty of other electric pickup trucks gunning for the F-150 Lightning but that's almost more of an endorsement than a threat. The electric F-150 is a bolt of lightning in automotive history. Read More

Leading a Sustainable Revolution Ford and HP Collaborate to Transform 3D Waste into Auto Parts, an Industry First

Ford is continuing to drive the future of automotive 3D printing

  • Ford says 3D printing has potential to revolutionize customization of low-volume vehicle parts, accelerate sustainability
  • Companies found way to extend life of already-used 3D printed powders and parts, turning them into auto components for Super Duty F-250 trucks, creating closed-loop on waste
  • Implementation completed in less than one year from ideation to application in parts
Ford is continuing to drive the future of automotive 3D printing, this time teaming up with HP to innovatively reuse spent 3D printed powders and parts, closing the loop and turning them into injection molded vehicle parts - an industry first.

Sustainability is a priority for both iconic companies, which through joint exploration led to this unlikely, earth-friendly solution. The resulting injection molded parts are better for the environment with no compromise in the durability and quality standards Ford and its customers demand.

The recycled materials are being used to manufacture injection-molded fuel-line clips installed first on Super Duty F-250 trucks.  The parts have better chemical and moisture resistance than conventional versions, are 7% lighter and cost 10% less. The Ford research team has identified 10 other fuel-line clips on existing vehicles that could benefit from this innovative use of material and are migrating it to future models.

"Finding new ways to work with sustainable materials, reducing waste and leading the development of the circular economy are passions at Ford," said Debbie Mielewski, Ford technical fellow, Sustainability.

"Many companies are finding great uses for 3D printing technologies, but, together with HP, we're the first to find a high-value application for waste powder that likely would have gone to landfill, transforming it into functional and durable auto parts."

HP 3D printers are already designed for high efficiency, with systems and structures to minimize the excess material they generate and reuse a greater percentage of the materials put into them. Working with Ford, which uses HP's 3D printing technology at the company's Advanced Manufacturing Center, the team created this solution that produces zero waste.

"You get more sustainable manufacturing processes with 3D, but we are always striving to do more, driving our industry forward to find new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle powders and parts," said Ellen Jackowski, chief sustainability and social impact officer, HP. "Our collaboration with Ford extends the environmental benefits of 3D printing even further, showcasing how we are bringing entirely different industries together to make better use of spent manufacturing materials, enabling a new circular economy."

For its part, Ford is developing new applications and utilizing a multitude of different processes and materials for 3D printing, including filaments, sand, powders and liquid vat polymerization. The company already employs 3D printing for a variety of low-volume commercial vehicle parts, as well as fixtures used by assembly line workers, saving time and enhancing quality.

Companywide, Ford has a goal to achieve 100% sustainable materials in its vehicles.

"A key to achieving our sustainability goals and solving the broader problems of society is working with other like-minded companies - we can't do it alone," Mielewski said. "With HP, we defined the waste problem, solved technical challenges and found a solution in less than one year, which is something in which we all take pride."

Three other companies helped Ford and HP make the project outcome possible.

SmileDirectClub, the next-generation oral care company with the first medtech platform for straightening teeth, operates the largest facility of HP 3D printing systems in the U.S. The company's fleet of more than 60 HP 3D printers produces more than 40,000 aligners a day. The resulting used 3D printed parts are collected and recycled with HP to increase volume for Ford.

Resin producer Lavergne, a longtime recycling partner of HP, transforms those molds and discarded powder from Ford's HP 3D printers into high-quality recycled plastic pellets, suitable for injection molding. The pellets are then molded into fuel-line clips by Ford supplier ARaymond, who designs, engineers and manufactures assembly systems. 

Ford Unleashes 2021 F-150 Raptor Horsepower, Torque Numbers

By Nick Yekikian, Jun 10, 2021, Motortrend

The F-150 Lightning and compact Maverick are making lots of noise, but will anyone trumpet the Raptor's numbers?

Interestingly, the 2021 Ford Raptor isn't the truck that's been breaking the internet for Dearborn lately. That's been the job of the new F-150 Lightning and the new Maverick compact pickup truck. It's still a beloved member of Ford's truck lineup, and it (along with the rest of the F-150 range) received some major updates for 2021. More aggressive bodywork, 37-inch tires, and a new five-link rear end were among the improvements, but it turns out that extra power won't be.

The 2021 Ford Raptor will make 450 horsepower at 5,850 rpm and 510 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm from a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6. Those figures are identical to the previous generation Raptor that ditched the old 6.2-liter V-8 in favor of the EcoBoost V-6. That might come as a slight disappointment to hardcore Raptor fans, especially after the Raptor was overshadowed by the new Ram 1500 TRX's 702-hp 6.2-liter supercharged V-8.

But worry not. Ford's got something planned for the TRX, too: the upcoming Raptor R, rumored to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower. That's the truck that will do battle with our current Truck of the Year. The 5.2-liter V-8 that's expected to sit under the hood of the Raptor R will likely be based on the Predator engine that's in the Shelby GT500, which cranks out 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque-albeit detuned for Raptor duty. Read More

Ford's built more electric Mustangs in 2021 than gas-powered ones

By Viknesh Vijayenthiran| June 7, 2021 | Motor Authority

Ford so far in 2021 has built more examples of its battery-electric Mustang Mach-E than the regular gas-powered Mustang.

According to production data released by the automaker last week, 27,816 examples of the Mustang Mach-E were built in the first five months of the year, compared with 26,089 examples of the Mustang.

Before you get ready to read the gas-powered Mustang its last rites, note that sales tell a completely different story: sales of the Mustang Mach-E over the same five-month period came in at 10,510 units, versus 29,710 for the Mustang. Read more

Ford Is Reportedly Testing a Twin-Turbo Version of Its 7.3-Liter 'Godzilla' V-8

By Brian Silvestro | Jun 1, 2021 | ROT

Ford's biggest crate engine could be getting a big helping of boost in the near future.

Ford's 7.3-liter naturally aspirated "Godzilla" V-8 is one of the more interesting powerplants on sale today. Available in a selection of full-sized Ford trucks and also as a crate motor, it delivers 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque without the help of forced induction. If this latest report from Ford Authority is to be believed, Ford could be testing a twin-turbo version of the Godzilla engine.

Ford Authority, citing unnamed sources "familiar with the automaker's researched and development projects," says Ford has already begun testing on a twin-turbo version of the massive 7.3-liter push-rod motor in at least two Ford Super Duty trucks. There aren't any pictures of the trucks in question, but Ford Authority says they've been fitted with heat shields on each corner of the front end and modified hoods.

It's not clear at this time why Ford would want to design a twin-turbo version of the Godzilla motor, or what sorts of vehicles the engine would power. What we do know is the setup is fully capable of taking on massive amounts of boost, with stock internals able to produce over 1000 horsepower with aftermarket bolt-on kits. Tuners who have swapped out internals for stronger pieces have seen custom supercharged versions of the 7.3 make nearly 1500 horsepower.

Read More

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Revealed: 300-Mile Range, Sub-$40K Price

By: Brett Evens, May 19, 2021,

The original Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, sold over two generations with sport-truck styling and improved performance, has attained legendary status since it left production in 2004. Keen to capture some of that magic for its newest pickup offering, Ford has taken the wraps off the 2022 F-150 Lightning EV, which trades its namesake's huge V8 for an all-electric powertrain that offers up to 300 miles of range, with a starting price of $39,974.

As we saw at President Biden's press conference yesterday, the 2022 Lightning maintains the same basic styling as its F-150 twin, with two different floor-mounted battery packs. A standard-range battery (SR) goes 230 miles between charges, while the extended-range unit (ER) hits 300 miles. In both cases, the batteries send power to a front- and rear-mounted electric motor, putting out a combined 426 horsepower (318 kilowatts) in the SR, with the ER getting 563 ponies (420 kW). Both configurations make 775 pound-feet (1,051 newton-meters). And if that ain't enough, the Lightning can power your home in a blackout for three days. Read More

The Last Ford GT40 Ever Built Is Heading to Auction! Online bidding will be open from June 11 to 18. Gooding & Company doesn't list an estimate for the car, but it's been suggested it could sell for more than $2.5 million. Read more

Ford to unveil all-electric F-150 Lightning on May 19 - Be there when it strikes!

Bronco Sport, Mustang Mach-E Nab IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards

Andrew G | May 3, 2021 | Newsinseconds

Safety ratings are an important piece of data for many in the car buying public. People want to know that the machine shuttling their loved ones around is up to task should anything unfortunate take place. Automakers like Volvo and Subaru have built their entire identities around this concept, with that reputation for safety helping to drive sales. Thanks to some new information from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, we now know that two of Ford's newest vehicles are deserving of similar praise. Both the Ford Bronco Sport and the Mustang Mach-E have secured a Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS.

Ford Mustang Mach-E First Edition Customers Receive Extra 3D-Printed Surprise with Their Electric Ponies

DEARBORN, Mich., April 23, 2021 - Mustang Mach-E First Edition customers in the U.S. are getting a little extra surprise from their ponies, thanks to the team at the Ford Advanced Manufacturing Center.

Each Mustang Mach-E First Edition customer will receive a special collectible wireframe pony sculpture in the color corresponding to their vehicle's paint job, created with the help of 3D printing.

The sculpture is based on the large-scale wireframe model of the pony featured at the global reveal of Mustang Mach-E in November 2019.

The wireframe pony sculptures are 3D-printed in white plastic in-house at the Ford Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford. They are then sent to a dye facility where they are dyed one of three colors - Rapid Red Metallic, Grabber Blue Metallic or Carbonized Gray - to correspond with available color choices for First Edition. Included is a baseplate with the vehicle's VIN.

The collectible wireframe pony marks the first time Ford has issued a 3D-printed component as part of a gift directly to the customer - and it's allowing additive manufacturing to establish a new-use case within the enterprise.

"This isn't the first time we've 3D-printed a vehicle part, but this one is different," said Harold Sears, technical leader for additive manufacturing. "It highlights a special connection with the customer and is really exciting because it showcases the potential to personalize. When you think additive manufacturing, you think of making parts, assembly fixtures or jigs to help build a vehicle, but this is another place where additive manufacturing can shine."

Read More

Ford Performance Debuts New Lightweight Carbon Fiber Upgrade Parts, Boosting Track-Focused Style of Mustang Shelby GT500

Ford Performance Parts today revealed four new aftermarket carbon fiber components for the exterior of the Mustang Shelby® GT500®.

Showcased at a GT500 track tour event at Texas Motor Speedway outside Dallas, the parts are the first aftermarket carbon fiber accessories offered by Ford Performance for the pinnacle pony car since the latest-generation GT500 debuted last year. All four components go on sale today at

The new easy-to-install carbon fiber Ford Performance Parts, parts numbers and MSRPs are:

  • Hood vent and rain tray kit, M-16612-C20, $1,185
  • Front splitter with belly pan for placement at car's lower, forward-leading edge and under section, M-16601-MCF, $1,820
  • Front bumper insert that fits between car's upper and lower grille intakes, M-17750-MCF, $1,150
  • Rear decklid trim panel, M-16600-MCF, $575

"Authenticity and personalization are what our Mustang Shelby GT500 customers want, and our new carbon fiber performance accessories provide an elevated track-proven look from every angle," said Mark Wilson, Ford North America vehicle personalization, planning and operations manager. "Beyond leveraging this high-performance material to reduce weight, we track-tested and validated its durability at Ford Performance Racing School in North Carolina."

Each carbon fiber component delivers high strength and rigidity with low-specific weight and is crafted to withstand the high-energy forces generated by competition at the track or drag strip.

The weight of the carbon fiber hood vent and rain tray kit is trimmed to four pounds - half the weight of the corresponding stock part. The front splitter with belly pan drops from seven pounds to four, the front bumper insert weighs just one pound, and the decklid trim panel weighs two pounds. Combined, the pieces weigh nine pounds less than the stock components.

The new parts provide additional authentic carbon fiber options for Shelby GT500 buyers. They are separate from components offered as part of the Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Package, which includes 20-inch carbon fiber wheels, exposed carbon fiber instrument panel and GT4 track wing, splitter wickers and more.

Ford and Mappo Enrich the Traditional Road Trip Through History, Books, Movies and Music

April 7, 2021 | Ford Media Center

  • Ford becomes the first automaker to offer Mappo - a new in-car app that provides culture-oriented travel recommendations based on books, movies, music and more
  • Available to owners of Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC® 3 and SYNC 4 technology , Mappo helps travelers  seamlessly explore cities based on their interests using advanced voice controls
  • Mappo users will be able to upload points of interest in their own cities to enrich travel across North America, Europe, Asia and more
  • The collaboration with Mappo, a startup technology company in Tel Aviv, is another success for the Ford Research Center in Israel that opened in 2019

12,000-Pound Ford Performance Parts Winch by Warn Now Available for Super Duty Pickups Beyond the Tremor

DEARBORN, Mich., March 31, 2021 - Building on the success of the Ford Performance Parts Winch by Warn offered on the Ford Super Duty Tremor,12,000 pounds of winching power will soon be available for any properly equipped 2020 or newer Super Duty pickup.

"We have Super Duty customers who saw the Tremor winch calling to say they want that same choice," said Ron Meredith, Ford truck vehicle personalization planning manager. "So we've expanded its availability to every new Super Duty pickup and made sure it meets the needs of all of our hardworking Super Duty customers."

Available as a factory-orderable option or dealer-installed accessory, the winch can be added to optional 7.3-liter gas V8 or 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 diesel-powered 2020 or newer 4x4-equipped F-250 and F-350* Super Duty pickups with available dual batteries and dual 397-amp alternators.

Developed with crash safety and capability top of mind, the fully integrated winch is mounted behind the steel bumper and features optimized airflow and clearance regardless of engine choice. The winch features high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant synthetic cable is ideal for helping stranded motorists or as an indispensable tool on the job site. The winch includes the only wireless remote control in its class**, along with a wired remote control.

The Ford Performance Parts winch by Warn will be available to order beginning April 8 as a $3,000 factory option, or it can be added after purchase at a local Ford dealership for $3,000 MSRP plus labor.

Read More

# # #

*Not available with F-350 DRW equipped with 4.10 rear gearing

**Class is full-size pickups over 8,500 pounds GVWR

Bronco Brand Teams Up with Respected 4x4 Companies to Expand Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Bronco®, the all-new outdoor brand of all-4x4 Built Wild™ vehicles from Ford, is collaborating with three of the leading off-road aftermarket companies to expand the growth of parts and accessories for customers to personalize their Bronco and Bronco Sport rugged SUVs.

RTR Vehicles, a longtime Ford custom vehicle collaborator founded by Vaughn Gittin Jr., ARB 4x4 Accessories, Australia's largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 parts and accessories since 1975, and 4 Wheel Parts, a leading off-road parts retailer with a strong online presence and 95 locations across the U.S. are developing parts for the summer launch of Bronco two- and four-door SUVs. 

Ford and the off-road aftermarket companies are collaborating on a range of performance parts beyond the current catalog of Ford-approved accessories for Bronco and Bronco Sport. Additional offerings include suspension and lift kits, custom wheels and body components, performance driveline parts, plus an extensive list of camping and off-road accessories such as tents, racks, storage solutions and lighting.

"Off-road enthusiasts crave accessories to create their ultimate off-road machines, so we're accelerating the development of Bronco-specific offerings by working directly with three of the leading suppliers in the 4x4 arena to further build out our list of off-road parts and accessories available this summer," said Jeff Seaman, Ford icons regional product line manager.

SUVs as individual as you are

Bronco Sport launched last fall with more than 100 items owners could add to their SUVs. With the upcoming arrival of Bronco two- and four-door models, more than 200 Ford-approved items will be available for customers to choose from. 

As more aftermarket companies come online, that number will grow, especially with many builders leveraging the modular design (learn more about modular design at the Ford Media Center) of Bronco two- and four-door SUVs - where doors, roofs, fenders, grilles and more can be easily replaced in pursuit of ultimate personalization. 

"We've brought more companies into the personalization process a lot earlier than in the past to take advantage of the unique design aspects of Bronco and Bronco Sport, all aimed at making customization more accessible to a wider range of off-road enthusiasts - from hobbyists to professional off-roaders," said Seaman. "In the end, no two Bronco SUVs should ever need to be the same. They can be as diverse as our customers are." 

Custom builds showcase a world of possibilities

At the Easter Safari event in Moab, Utah, off-road enthusiasts can drive various trails and see the all-new 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport rugged SUVs in person, along with the unveiling of several new custom builds by Ford and aftermarket suppliers.  

The custom Bronco four-door Outer Banks™ series with Sasquatch™ Package on display mixes high-tech luxury features with rugged off-road Ford-licensed accessories, including JAC Products rock rails, fender flares by Air Design and Trail Armor rocker panel covers by Lund, with a 40-inch curved LED lightbar by Rigid on top and a retractable full-roof soft-top by Bestop. A matte black hood wrap and Covercraft windshield sunscreen are added to reduce glare. 

Inside, rugged off-road accessories that optimize space and make for secure stowage include a DC Safety rear cargo organizer plus roadside assistance and first-aid kit, a Tufty MOLLE straps and security drawer below, along with a Console Vault center console. 

Custom Bronco four-door SUV by RTR Vehicles

This multipurpose heavy-duty Bronco four-door Badlands SUV by RTR Vehicles sports custom RTR rock sliders and rear bumper, RTR 3D-printed grille with simulated accent lights, plus 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires mounted to RTR Tech-6 wheels. A roof-mounted Project X lightbar, custom RTR graphics and 12-volt Type S Blizzard Box refrigerator/freezer in back complete the package.

"Ford absolutely knocked it out of the park with its all-new Bronco SUVs, so we're pouring our passion into blending our unique experience with Ford Performance and King of the Hammers racing to create our best possible turnkey vehicle packages and performance off-road parts," said Gittin Jr., RTR president. "RTR products are designed to turn heads and engineered to take off-road enthusiasts to their favorite destinations and beyond."

Read More

2022 Ford Maverick Spied Without Any Camo During Photo Shoot

Adrian Padeanu | 3/22/21 | Motor1

No more speculative renderings and no more spy shots as the wraps have come off Ford's smallest truck, weeks (if not months) before the Maverick's official debut. A TFLtruck reader took several images of a camo-free pickup on the streets of San Diego where the Blue Oval was shooting an ad for its hotly anticipated unibody truck.

Ford's worst kept secret appears to be a high-end version (First Edition?) as denoted by the body-colored wheel arches. That would make sense considering automakers shoot videos of a range-topping trim level since that one looks the best in press images and videos. The sub-Ranger truck looks to be ready to take on the Hyundai Santa Cruz and logic tells us it will be mechanically related to the newly released Bronco Sport. Read More

Ford Introduces All-New 2021 F-150 Police Responder with Improved Top Speed, Added Capability

  • All-new 2021 F-150 Police Responder, America's only purpose-built, pursuit-rated pickup truck, debuts today, with Ford opening government order bank tomorrow - ahead of spring state and local government bid cycles
  • All-new F-150 Police Responder now offers enhanced top speed of 120 mph and available Police Engine Idle, which lets an officer remove the key and securely exit the running truck without losing power to lights and sirens
  • New automatic four-wheel-drive mode and torque-on-demand transfer case constantly adjusts torque to front and rear wheels as needed to improve performance and handling on dry pavement, while increasing traction on wet, slick and less stable surfaces for a more seamless transition between on- and off-road driving
  • Tech upgrades include standard SYNC® 4 with wireless software updates, plus available Ford Telematics - smart solutions designed to help reduce vehicle downtime and unscheduled maintenance so law enforcement fleets can stay on patrol 

By: Chris Okula | March 7, 2021 | motor1

The future of Ford is now.

Ford is ready to unleash one of the Mustang Mach-E's most important features. It's no secret the all-electric Mustang Mach-E is a big step towards the future of mobility for Ford and soon select owners will start testing our Ford's new over-the-air software update process. Now, you can have the latest software available for your Ford without the need to purchase a new vehicle.

The Mustang Mach-E has quickly proven that Ford is capable of producing a very capable and appealing electric vehicle. During our testing we found the Mach-E to be a compelling rival to Tesla while offering customers a well-established brand like Ford with dealerships in every town across America.

When Ford built the Mach-E one of the most exciting features wasn't its impressive acceleration times or range but rather the ability to receive over-the-air software updates. Tesla pioneered this concept and has used it to keep its vehicles up to date with its latest software. Now legacy automakers like Ford include this feature on their EV's and we're about to get our first taste of its implementation.


Best Pickup Truck of 2021


Ford Maverick pickup leaked in new assembly-line spy photo

Byron Hurd, Jan. 8th 2021, AutoBlog

We're getting our best look yet at the new Ford Maverick thanks to a photo of a still-camouflaged prototype that appears to be sitting alone on an assembly line. While it's still wearing some of its disguise and quite a few bits are missing, this is the first time we've seen such little covering on the baby pickup's nose. 

Things have been quiet on the Maverick front for the past couple months, but today's leaked image (coming to us in a tip from shows us a handful of things we haven't seen before. The prototypes spied on public roads thus far have worn camouflage over what appeared to be a Bronco Sport front end. We can see from this that the Maverick will get a visually distinct nose, despite likely riding on the same fundamental platform.

If there was any lingering question as to whether this would be part of the baby Bronco family, this pic offers convincing evidence that it won't. Instead, the look seems to split the difference between the Bronco Sport and the midsize, rear-wheel-drive Ranger. Ford has kept relatively mum about the Maverick project, but there are a few things we do know. For starters, it's going to ride on a unibody, front-wheel-drive platform. As you can see in the spy photo below of the Maverick's rear suspension, at least one variant is riding on a twist-beam style setup with no rear differential in sight.

 It's difficult to say for certain from the angle of this photo, but it's possible that Ford will offer the Maverick with two different rear suspensions: one for base-model, front-wheel-drive variants and another designed to accommodate power going to the rear. The smart money would be on an all-wheel-drive system similar to what Ford offers in the Escape and Bronco Sport, likely without the latter's fancy (and optional) off-road setup, though we certainly have no reason to completely rule out the possibility of Ford offering a beefier version for those who need the extra capability. 

We're calling the Maverick a 2022 model here, but that's far from a given. As is the case with the details of the trucklet itself, Ford has kept tight-lipped about the Maverick's production timeline. We expect the company is hoping to clear the hurdle of getting the Bronco Sport and larger Bronco into the hands of customers before pivoting to production logistics for its new baby pickup.


Ford Begins Deliveries Of Mustang Mach-E With Competitive Price, 300-Mile Range

One of the most anticipated electric vehicles has hit the market before the end of 2020 and could be a positive catalyst for a legacy automotive manufacturer heading into the new year.

What Happened: The first 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E delivery occurred in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, according to InsideEVs.

Deliveries in other states should start soon, with InsideEVs reporting that Mach-E buyers have received emails about their vehicles shipping.


2021 Ford Bronco Sport First Drive Review: Shockingly Capable

Vincent Nguyen - Dec 13, 2020,  SlashGear

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is an exciting proposition, but it's easy to misjudge. Unlike its bigger Bronco 2-door and 4-door siblings, Bronco Sport sits on a modified platform shared with the Escape crossover. But where the Escape is tailor-made for urban cruising, the new Bronco Sport is skewed towards outdoorsy owners who enjoy an active - dare I say wilderness-embracing - lifestyle.

In fact, it only shares 70 to 80-percent of the Escape's underpinnings. The Bronco Sport trims the wheelbase by 1.8-inches, compared to the Escape, while measuring 173-inches long. That's almost the same length as a Jeep Compass, making it a suitably small SUV despite how it looks in photos. 

It even shares the same engine choices with the Ford Escape. The Bronco Sport Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks series have a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine EcoBoost engine, with 181 horsepower and 190 lb.-ft of torque. This small engine packs quite a punch while still getting 25 mpg city, 28 highway, and a combined average of 26. I suspect this engine will be the lion's share of sales for most buyers.

It took spending half of my drive time pushing the 1.5-liter on a paved road and then off-road, to instill an unexpected sense of confidence that the Bronco Sport is, despite my fears otherwise, no Escape. Even more surprising, I'm left with the suspicion that most of the time it'll prove just as capable as the 2.0-liter engine.

That 2.0-liter turbo-4 is exclusively found in the Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition, where it offers 245 horsepower and 277 lb.-ft of torque. Expect 21 mpg in the city, 26 on the highway highway, and 23 combined. Both engines are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission; unlike the manual option in the bigger Bronco, this is the Bronco Sport's only gearbox.

Also exclusive to the Badlands and First Edition models are the steering-mounted paddle shifters. The two upper trims get additional coolers, too, for their transmission and the rear drivetrain. That, Ford says, should ensure better performance during more intense off-road sessions. Read More

Ford's 'super-secret' Megazilla V8 will be a monster motor

In the spirit of monster movies, Ford is working on a sequel to its "Godzilla" engine.

The appropriately nicknamed 7.3-liter V8 debuted on the 2020 F-Series Super Duty pickup but is also available for purchase as an a la carte crate engine for racing and custom car applications priced at $8,150.

In stock form, the iron-block, pushrod motor is rated at 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque, but tuners have already cranked it up to over 700 hp without even having to use a supercharger.

Ford is clearly aware of the powerplant's potential - and the potential profits it can make by selling an even more potent version of it.

Ford Performance Product Manager Mike Goodwin recently told the Performance Racing Industry news outlet that his division is working on a "super-secret project" it calls the "Megazilla" that will be more powerful than the current mill.

He didn't provide any details about how Ford plans to achieve that, but Fiat Chrysler's Mopar division has set a high bar for large-displacement crate engines with its 1,000 hp supercharged 7.0-liter "Hellephant" HEMI V8.

In the meantime, Goodwin said that Ford Performance will soon offer its own control pack for the Godzilla V8 that will make it easy to get running in virtually any vehicle it fits in, including a Bronco or a shopping cart. Read More

Ford Names Its Clever Electrical Vehicle Architecture

Nov 28, 2020

The new Mustang Mach-E crossover will be one of the first recipients of the technology.

Vehicle control interfaces have changed dramatically over the last couple of years, with giant touchscreens taking the place of physical controls. Behind those screens, there is more computing power than most of us are aware of, and the next major evolution is the 'connected' vehicle. Like your computer or smartphone, your car can now be upgraded wirelessly. Ford has employed a new electric vehicle architecture on upcoming models like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 pickup to make this possible but up until now, we didn't know what the system was called.

Ali Jamoul, North America Engineering Director at Ford, shared at a media event that Ford has dubbed it the Fully Networked Vehicle, otherwise known as FNV.

Different versions of FNV will be utilized depending on the vehicle, but the new Mustang Mach-E and F-150 will be the first products to use it. The "fully networked" part of the name makes sense since over-the-air (OTA) updates will be possible with FNV. Months ago, Ford confirmed that the Mach-E's OTA updates will ensure that the crossover can be continually improved during its lifetime, with many of these upgrades - be it infotainment or performance-related - taking place while the vehicle is safely parked at home. When a new update becomes available, owners will be notified via their smartphones. Read more

Revealed! Ford Nails Mustang Mach-E EPA Rating

Jay Traugott | Nov. 22, 2020, CarBuzz

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has been in the news a lot lately and this isn't going to change for the foreseeable future. This all-electric, performance-focused SUV is a big deal for the Blue Oval as it's about to embark on a major EV product surge, such as the battery-powered F-150 due in 2022. But one of the big questions we've still have regarding the Mach-E is its EPA rated driving range. The official report is expected at any time.

But today, a member of the Mach-E Forum has posted an image of their soon to arrive EV's window sticker that reveals the government agency's official rating of the all-wheel-drive extended range Premium trim.

As you can see, it's officially rated at 270 miles, the exact figure Ford says it targeted all along. This is also good news for other targets across the Mach-E lineup. Those trims include the base Select, followed by the Premium, California Route 1, First Edition, and GT. To compare, the Tesla Model Y AWD Long Range is rated at 326 miles on a single charge, and 303 miles for the Performance version.

The Mach-E will launch with two battery pack sizes, 68 kWh and 88 kWh for Extended Range versions. Those looking to hopefully achieve the maximum range possible should probably opt for the Premium RWD which Ford believes will hit 300 miles. Read More

It looks like the 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid may be pulling double duty as both the most powerful and most fuel-efficient model in the lineup when it hits showrooms this year. Read More

The Ford F-150 is due to add an electric powertrain to its options sheet for the 2022 model year. Ford execs this week said the electric F-150 will have more torque and horsepower of any F-150 in company history, and the fastest 0-60 time, meaning 5 seconds or less to 60 mph. Learn More

Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Car Sees First Firm Dates: Tesla Model Y Rival Revs Up Production

Brooke Crother | Oct. 24, 2020 |

Buyers of the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric are seeing hard production dates.

Several people who placed orders for the Ford Electric crossover are receiving notifications of production dates of December 7, 2020, according to posts on the Mustang Mach E Reddit forum and the Mach E Club. Other December dates were also cited.

In an email, a Ford spokesperson told me that "production date emails" went out on Thursday.

The Mustang Mach-E is one of the most anticipated new electric cars and has one of the best chances of stealing some thunder from Tesla's popular Model Y. Both cars are classified as crossover SUVs, aka, a compact SUV.

Ford has previously stated that the 2021 Mustang Mach-E is slated to be available by late this year though volume availability isn't expected until 2021.

Read More

2021 Ford Bronco Almost Had A Foldable Windshield

Brett Foote |10/11/2020 | /

While we were awaiting the reveal of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco, many rumors swirled regarding what, exactly, we could expect. One such rumor was that the new Ford Bronco would feature a foldable windshield, just like its established rival, the Jeep Wrangler. But when the Bronco was revealed, we quickly realized that the foldable windshield did not make it to production. And now, we know why.

"We looked at that. In the original vehicle, you could do that," Paul Wraith, Bronco chief designer, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. "But it brings with it some problems. It does provide the user with a fairly rare event, since you start getting into things like flat windshields, which is a compromised construction around pillars."

"So what we actually really wanted to do is to provide a very open-air feel, thin out the pillars as much as we could, which is why we have the airbags in the sport tubes," Wraith explained. "That provided people a very safe envelope for people to sit within. So when you look at tradeoffs, we think we made the right one - but it's very safe, very open, and a good experience - and I think we made the right tradeoff."

The sport tubes Wraith is referring to is what Ford calls the roof construction that runs from the windshield to the trunk. It's clear that safety was at the forefront of the Bronco's design, particularly in the event of a rollover accident, which is more common with high-riding, shorter-wheelbase vehicles.

Those that seek an open-air experience will still be able to remove the roof and doors rather easily. In the four-door 2021 Ford Bronco, those doors can also be stored in the rear cargo area, which is something the Jeep Wrangler does not accommodate. And its top can also be removed in sections by one person, while the Wrangler requires a bit of heavy lifting and preferably a partner.

Our Self-Driving Business in Austin, One Year Later

By Kathleen Baireuther, Austin Market Manager, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

We stood in Austin one year ago with optimism for the journey ahead - launching a self-driving service that can be a part of the city's mobility ecosystem. Since then, we have been tackling the complex challenge of building a self-driving service, bringing together all of the intricate pieces to make it a reality. Although 2020 has been a challenging year, we've continued to build our business locally and we look forward to advancing our mission in the year to come.

One year of building our business in Austin: In the first year since our launch announcement in Austin, we have made significant strides, including:

· Opened an autonomous vehicle terminal. Located near downtown in East Austin, we opened a terminal that serves as the base for our self-driving vehicle test fleet. This was an important step forward as it allows us to manage our vehicle fleet.

· Invested in a command center. Ford made a real estate investment in a site near Austin-Bergstrom Airport that will eventually be home to a command center - the epicenter of Ford's local self-driving business and daily operations. It will house local customer relations, business development, research, safety evaluations and testing operations.

· Built our fleet operations expertise. Fleet operations that help ensure our vehicles are utilized, deep cleaned and maintained are a key part of creating a commercial service that people value - and that's profitable. We recently completed the first phase of a fleet operations pilot in Austin that will be utilized for our business in Austin and Ford's broader strategy.

· Continued focus on safety. We have engaged in an ongoing dialogue about our operations with first responders in the city to ensure we are creating a safe environment.

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2020 Ford Explorer Earns Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick+, the Institute's Highest Honor

9/21/2020 | Ford Media Center

The 2020 Ford Explorer has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick+ for vehicles built after May 2020.  Top Safety Pick+ is the  Institute's highest safety award.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick+ award criteria includes six crashworthiness tests as well as ensuring minimum "acceptable or good" headlight ratings on vehicles that must come equipped with advanced driver-assist technologies that can help avoid or reduce a collision.

"Explorer is America's all-time best-selling  SUV and with that, our customers expect it to take their family on adventures everywhere - from school to our national parks," said Lee Newcombe, Explorer marketing manager, Ford Motor Company. "This honor from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reaffirms the obsession of our entire team who work tirelessly toward the goal of helping our customers arrive at these places and everywhere else in between."

As part of Ford's commitment to advanced technologies, Explorer features the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite of driver-assist features as standard equipment. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recognized Explorer in both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian evaluations. Explorer aced all six areas of the  Institute's crashworthiness testing and is recognized for the lighting capabilities of its headlamps across all series levels.

The full suite of Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist features on the 2020 Ford Explorer include:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking including:
    • Pedestrian Detection
    • Forward Collision Warning
    • Dynamic Braking System  
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Rearview Camera
  • Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Lane-Keeping System
  • Auto High-Beam Headlamps

Ford Promises Its Electric Truck Will Crush Your Current F-150

Alex Lauer, 9/18/2,

Buying an electric vehicle in the U.S. up till now has been about compromise. They usually cost more than their gas counterparts, but they're more environmentally friendly. They have instant torque, but towing depletes the battery quickly. All this is fine for car owners, but for trucks, especially for people who actually use their pickups for work? The compromises are out of the question.

Not only does Ford not want to compromise on its upcoming all-electric F-150 pickup, but in new announcements this week, the Blue Oval promised that the EV truck will absolutely crush older models in terms of performance, operational cost and even cargo. 

"The electric F-150, which is undergoing tens of thousands of hours of torture testing and targeting millions of simulated, laboratory and real world test miles, will be more powerful than any F-150 available today," the automaker said in a press release. 

Specifically, Ford says it will offer "more horsepower and torque," "the fastest acceleration" and, most importantly for EV skeptics concerned about hauling, "the ability to tow heavy trailers." But power isn't the only incentive the company is using to entice potential converts; the electric F-150 will also feature a "giant front trunk" (colloquially known as a "frunk") thanks to the reconfigured powertrain in EVs, and it will reportedly cost 40% less than traditional F-150s in terms of the "lifetime total cost of operation," which includes things like fuel, oil and maintenance. 

The pledge came alongside a few large-scale manufacturing announcements. First, Ford patted itself on the back for starting production on the latest F-150, but more importantly it broke ground on the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, a new factory in the company's Dearborn, Michigan industrial park where the electric F-150 will begin production supposedly by mid-2022 for a 2023 model.

All of this, it should be said, isn't particularly surprising. Of course Ford needs to offer something undeniable to get Americans who have driven traditional F-150s their entire lives, and families who have driven them across generations, to consider going electric. One thing we didn't expect this early is to get a preview of what the design will look like.

The preview image of the front-end [pictured above], which appears to feature a huge LED bar running along the top of the grille and around the headlights, shows up for just a split second in the middle of the half-hour Rouge Center presentation, which isn't particularly exciting for people outside the industry.

If Ford has piqued your interest, you'd be better off watching this video of the prototype testing, which still has the old-school look, but some newfound power:

Ford Ranger Tremor hopes to dominate midsize truck market

Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press, 9/14/2020

America will see an all-new 2021 Ranger Tremor off-road package that enhances the look and feel of the midsize pickup as Ford steps up its fight against the Toyota Tacoma. This is the latest effort to win over drivers who enjoy using their truck both off-roading and commuting to work.

"Our target customer wants to have adventures, be free and get away from the daily grind but also needs to carry gear, supplies and passengers," said Chad Callander, marketing manager for the past five years for Ford Ranger.

Sales tend to be higher on the coasts, in larger metropolitan areas, with 15%-20% in California. Los Angeles is a huge market. But Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Boston and New York also are hot spots for sales of the truck, which is smaller than the best-selling F-150.

"Anywhere it's easier to maneuver the vehicle into a parking space," Callander said.

After unveiling the vehicle at the Detroit auto show in 2018, and hitting dealerships in 2019, Ranger is one of the few vehicles to gain sales in 2020.

In the second three months of 2019, buyers purchased:

  • 68,683 Toyota Tacomas
  • 31,669 Chevy Colorados
  • 20,880 Ford Rangers

 In the second three months of this year, consumers bought:

  • 51,063 Toyota Tacomas
  • 25,008 Ford Rangers
  • 19,843 Chevy Colorados

Ranger rose from 10.2% of its market segment during the first six months of 2019 to 17% of the market a year later.

2021 Ford Bronco: Why It Has Independent Front Suspension

Angel Sergeev, 8/25/2020,

Because no death wobble.

The solid front axle is one of the most important selling points of the Jeep Wrangler and it was even highlighted for the automaker's salespeople in a document that recently leaked to the web. There's no denying that this suspension is good for off-road use but Ford's engineers decided against it and went with an independent front axle for the new Bronco instead. Here's why.

In a recent interview with MuscleCarsAndTrucks, engineers from the Bronco R&D team gave more details about the independent front suspension of the revived Bronco. If we have to summarize their words, the decision for an IFS layout is mainly linked with the vehicle's behavior on paved roads. But we'll let them explain it in their own words.

"For IFS we make [the Bronco's] manners much better on-road," Bronco Chief Engineer Eric Loeffler told the online publication. "Therefore we get the best of both worlds… in Bronco we've been able to balance the performance, especially at higher speeds where our competitors don't. And yet on-road the vehicle is just so much more enjoyable to drive."

Off-road fans out there are probably going to disagree - isn't the new Bronco designed to go in the mud most of the time, after all? The solid axle versus independent suspension debate won't settle down anytime soon but Ford might have an answer to its critics for choosing an IFS setup for the Bronco.

"If you want to be a high-speed off-road desert runner, you definitely want an IFS… there is an element to the suspension technology that we selected is the right one for what we're targeting," Ford's Global Program Manager Jeff Seaman added.

What's "a high-speed off-road desert runner" you might ask? Well, we don't know exactly but it sounds like the engineers wanted to make sure the new Bronco is immuned to the so-called death wobble phenomenon which causes the steering wheel to violently shake after hitting a road bump at higher speeds.

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